X-Zone Sabbatical

Memo: From the pen of Doctor Nimbus

 As I'm sure you have noticed things have been somewhat quiet here at X-Zone HQ, so now the drain cleaner and peanut fug has cleared I wanted to update you all on whats been going on.

It seems the real world has temporarily caught up with the team and a dangerous mixture of old-age (a quest for comfort, rather than speed) and sober heads has led to the following:

Ninja - has gone and unleashed a Mini-Ninja onto the world. While i wish him luck i expect it will be some time before he picks up his throwing kites again. Still it does mean he can concentrate on the finer art of beer consumption, letching and beer belly growth - just like a proper dad!

Pete-Air - is still in the last throws of living the dream, but in his quest for a personal X-Zone it does mean organising anything else has gone by the wayside. Still regular trips to the continent mean his red wine intake has reached obscene levels - good on ya!

Burgy - Old age and a younger girlfriend is probably the main cause here, but he's sold his kites and bought a small home-brewery kit instead. Say no more.

Ciderman - well it had to happen. He's finally succumbed to those fermented apples and set up a hermitage (with ensuite half-pipe) for fellow radicalists in deepest darkest Devon. Expect to see him surface once in a while when the peanuts and sugared willies cravings become too much.

Stickboy - proving that sticks do break, managed to destroy his collarbone snowboarding (rock & roll!). Expect to see him back up and running just as soon as the wooden arm he is fashioning from an old kite-surf board is finished.

Blaine - last seen attempting to hold his breath, in a block of ice, suspended from the Eiffel Tower whilst performing four hundred 720's on his BMX. Rumours have it the stunt failed spectacularly - no surprise there then.

I'm sure as soon as they have worked this out of their system the X-Zone team will be back and itching to teach the world how to find Kite Nirvana.

Peace... out